Month: June 2018

Buying Bitcoin in Dubai Made Easy

Unlike traditional assets, Bitcoin is on online system used to purchase assets in exchange for goods and services.  The advantage of Bitcoin is that they are portable, which allowing for the easy transfer of Bitcoin to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin investing is still relatively new in the cryptocurrency environment and way of buying and selling online. In 2009, Decentralized Cryptocurrency was invented, and is today known as Bitcoin. The Bitcoin was seemingly developed by a group of developers, or a syndicate, who thought of an idea of how to trade in an online environment, without using hard paper currency. Bitcoin is an encrypted form of “currency” which renders it to be a safe form of trading worldwide, and has become more commonly known as cryptocurrency.

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What is Bitcoin and Blockchain?

The technology behind Bitcoin is known as Blockchain. Blockchain enables an individual, as well as a community, to update record entries and information as well as control this information being updated and/or amended.  Blockchain technology allows every record update to become the de-facto official record as there is a master copy kept of the original transactions. Blockchain comprises 3 technologies: the Internet, a private key cryptography, and a protocol governing incentivization.  Bitcoins are earned because of blockchain-mined transactions.  When you buy Bitcoins, they are stored and kept safely in 2 types of “wallets”, hardware wallets and online wallets.  These “wallets” comprise of strings of numbers relating to unique addresses, keeping Bitcoin safe in your “wallet”, and ensuring that you cannot be locked out of your funds in any way.

How to Buy Bitcoin in UAE?

Purchasing Bitcoin Through Regal RA

Bitcoins can be purchased via a licensed broker or exchanged directly online.  When purchasing Bitcoins via a licensed broker, for instance, in Dubai, there is a licenced brokerage house called Regal RA. The advantage of purchasing or mining Bitcoins via a licenced broker is that this is a secure way to ensuring that your transactions are guarded against hackers and fraudulent transactions.  Free cold storage of your wallet is available at the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) headquarters in Dubai (Almas Tower, Dubai). Regal RA is a company which has been accredited by the DMCC, allowing them to trade in cryptocurrencies.

Purchasing Bitcoin Through an Exchange

Purchasing of Bitcoin in Dubai is a simple process, but some considerations should be noted when opting to purchase Bitcoins, i.e. one would require the correct amount of knowledge and experience; a 2-factor authentication code will be requested from you to verify your account to protect it from hackers.

In the Middle East, a BitOasis is a digital currency exchange that allows buying and selling of Bitcoins in a safe and controlled environment also enabling you to use the BitOasis as your digital wallet.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining allows one to add transactions and records into a public ledger by means of block chain technology, which is essentially, a chain of blocks.  The transactions are confirmed via block chain to the entire network.  Legitimate Bitcoin transactions are distinguished by nodes in the block chain which eliminates the occurrence of spending coins that have already been spent elsewhere.

In order to mine Bitcoin, you will require software called ASIC Miner. Without this software one will not be able to mine Bitcoins. ASIC miner software is specifically used on specialized hardware designed for the purpose of Bitcoin mining. Upon obtaining your Bitcoin mining software, you will be required to acquire a mining pool, but it is also possible to find a block which is referred to as solo mining. The advantages of becoming part of a mining pool is that the hash rate percent pay-out is greater to the pool of miners e.g. should you contribute 1% of the pool’s hash rate, you would ultimately earn 0.125 Bitcoins.

Buying Bitcoin is Dubai is a process that is both safe and secure, and safeguards you against the possible hacking and theft of your valuable coins. Having the right transaction mediums in place, has streamlined the process, making it easier and more effective to buy Bitcoin in Dubai.

Pros and Cons Of The Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Samsung’s latest iteration of their ever so popular industry-leading smartphone. Below, we will talk about some of the pros and cons of it.

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Pros and Cons Of The Samsung Galaxy S9


1. Screen.

The Super AMOLED screen that can be found on the S9 is better than ever before. It is now capable of being brighter than ever. Therefore, if you are looking for the best and brightest screen on the market, look no further.

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2. Stereo Speakers.

Samsung made a huge change to the Samsung Galaxy series which hasn’t featured stereo speakers in a long time and it truly paid off. The speakers found in the Galaxy S9 are not only the best they have ever had, but they also feature Dolby Atmos functionality which means that watching Dolby Atmos-enabled source content is incredible.

3. Low Light Photography.

When it comes to smartphone cameras, typically you will be able to get fantastic photos in conditions with the right kind of light. However, low light photography is usually underwhelming. With the new iteration of the S9, you are not only going to be able to get superb photos in ideal lighting but also in low light conditions. This alone might be reason enough for an upgrade for some.

4. Slow Motion Capture.

Another significant feature that comes with the S9 is the ability to capture slow-motion videos at up to 960 frames per second. This is a huge feature that was included in the new iteration and it can produce some stellar and professional looking videos for anyone that enjoys creating content with their smartphones.

5. DeX Station.

If you use your phone as a productivity workhorse, there is no better phone brand on the market. Because of Samsung’s DeX station which can effectively transform your phone into a full-blown desktop, it is the single best brand of smartphone that you can purchase because you will be able to do everything that you would normally do with a traditional desktop pc. Not only can you hook it up to a monitor, but you will be able to do everything from opening and using multiple apps at the same time to conducting a video call while you are working. You can even screen share with the person that you are chatting with. Discover more about Samsung and their phones by visiting,


1. Price.

As with any high end Samsung phone, you are going to need to pay a hefty price for it. However, there are ways to subsidize your cost whether it means trading in an older smartphone through Samsung’s trade-in program or getting it with a new line or upgrade from your existing and/or a new carrier. While the price tag is certainly competitive among a lot of the high end of the competition, there are ‘mid-range’ priced handsets that are better than ever now which makes a flagship a semi-poor investment unless you can get a significant discount.

Overall, the S9 is one of the very best phones that you can get on the market today if you are looking for an Android phone.